Re: Xpointer Questions

  Hi Mark,

 The XML Linking Working Group reviewed your comments [1] on the 
XPointer second Last Call working draft [2]. They were added to
the Issue List as Issue XP109 [3].
 The Disposition of Comment for XPointer Second Last Call list [4]
them (Issue (editorial-pollman) in 2.1 and Issue (axis-pollman) in
    - the first part of your comment resulted in the decision to
      rewrite the section 5.3.4 to clarify the pointb raised, the
      new wording is available from the Issue List [3].
    - in the second question, yes this part was lacking some
      precision, we will rewrite this part too and provide a
      graphic to explain "visually" the relationship beween sibling
    - considering the third part, the the "following" and "preceding"
      axes were missing as you pointed out, they will be defined as
      empty in the final version
    - the last part of your comment was considered editorial and

  thanks for your feedback, we would appreciate if you could express
if the resolution of those issues fits your expectations.



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Received on Tuesday, 1 May 2001 12:52:20 UTC