XBase is in conflict with RFC 2396

I think that XBase should prohibit default values for xml:base.

At present, a default value for the xml:base is allowed to appear in an 
external DTD subset or external parameter entitiy.  Then, that default 
value would control all XML document entities that reference to this 
external DTD subset or external parameter entity.  (BTW, as we are painfully 
aware, non-validating processors are allowed to ignore them!)

I think this is a violation of RFC 2396.  It only allows a base URI for a 
MIME entity to be embedded in this very MIME entity, but does not allow 
embedding in different MIME entities.

>5.1.1. Base URI within Document Content
>   Within certain document media types, the base URI of the document can
>   be embedded within the content itself such that it can be readily
>   obtained by a parser.  This can be useful for descriptive documents,
>   such as tables of content, which may be transmitted to others through
>   protocols other than their usual retrieval context (e.g., E-Mail or
>   USENET news).


MURATA Makoto  muraw3c@attglobal.net

Received on Wednesday, 26 April 2000 10:47:14 UTC