XML Core WG comments on XBase

The XBase proposal was discussed in today's XML Core teleconference.
The XML Core WG reached consensus on the following points:

1) The reference to RFC 1808 should be dropped, and references in
the text should be changed to RFC 2396 instead.

2) The answer to issue xmlbase:namespaces-compatibility *as written*
is "Resolving relative URIs in namespace declarations based on
xml:base declarations is *not* consistent with the XML-Names
Recommendation."  The question which was perhaps intended is,
"Should XML-Names be extended to take xml:base attributes into
account?"  This is a question which the XML Core WG has agreed
to consider; changing XML-Names in this way would affect
the installed base of namespace-aware XML processors.

3) Editorial: in the title of clause 4, for "Sset" read "Set".


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Received on Wednesday, 15 December 1999 14:25:11 UTC