Re: S production in XML 1.1

[Forwarding to the comments list. paul]

From: Richard Tobin <>

> We're changing the line-end normalization rule to map them to linefeed
> (#x0a) on input, just like carriage-return (#x0d).

It seems that the current state of play for XML 1.1 is approaching something like this:

 - NEL treated like 0D, but not added to S
 - compromises on name rules, maintains robustness, excludes daffy ranges and particular 
   dangerous characters, open to expansion, includes recommendation on good character
   names (e.g. the current draft's wordings + the WAI comments + the Japanese rules +
   reference to Unicode identifier recommentations)
 - normalization expected

Have the additions needed for supporting Unicode 3.1 now slipped below the level 
of "changes that force a version-up"?  

If the current plans are hovering at or below that level, I hope the Core WG will
re-consider reverting to an erratum to XML 1.0, to thereby avoid all the
flow-on effects, extra work, bifurcations, duplications, bad vibrations, etc.

Rick Jelliffe

Received on Saturday, 13 July 2002 09:44:53 UTC