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Re: I'll have salad with my key...

From: Joseph Reagle <reagle@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2002 17:10:16 -0500
Message-Id: <200203062210.RAA31342@tux.w3.org>
To: stephen.farrell@baltimore.ie, www-xkms@w3.org
On Tuesday 05 March 2002 12:43, Stephen Farrell wrote:
> Joseph worried:
> > The KeyBinding is not extensible, what if I want to query or return
> > different trust semantics than those provided by XKMS?
> Well, given that it contains a ds:KeyInfo and I can put my granny's
> photo in there, what more do we need?

I don't know, that's why one designs for extensibility. Maybe some 
application will want to create its own ValidityInterval for it's given 
purposes. No, not everyone needs to support this, it's not in the "core" 
spec. While XKMS defines the core info and associated processing. I don't 
see the need to preclude applications from associating or asking for 
whatever data they want with a key binding. 


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