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RE: Remaining issues

From: <Just.Mike@tbs-sct.gc.ca>
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 2002 10:30:52 -0500
Message-ID: <21952BAA71703442A7BC34098993B6280C095F@EXCH3.intranet.local>
To: pbaker@verisign.com, www-xkms@w3.org
To add to Phill's list of remaining/outstanding issues:
-          30, 84, 100 are waiting on completion of the policy debate
-          Issue 74.  Has this been solved?
-          Issue 79.  Awaiting completion of Locate discussion on list.
-          Issue 108.  Phill has a proposed fix and needs WG confirmation
that it's sufficient.
Some statistics as of the Dec 5th update of the Issues List, based on a
total of 112 issues:
-          68 Resolved
-          23 Outstanding (11 Last Minute, 2 Code Example-related, 10
Requiring discussion)
-          13 Proposed Fixes (to be confirmed by Mike in updated specs)
-          8 issues requiring confirmation that fix was included (require
Phill to confirm that fix is included in spec)
On today's call, we can discuss the 10 issues "Requiring discussion", and I
believe that some of the "Last Minute" require discussion as well.
I have not yet confirmed that there are no new issues resulting from Phill's
responses to Joseph's, Slava's, Merlin's and Robert's comments.  As well,
there were some new issues recently posted by Shivaram and Frederick.
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From: Phill [mailto:phallam@attbi.com]
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Subject: Remaining issues
[This is a quick note afore I take a plane]
By my reconning we have the following issues left to do / argue over:
47, 98 Fix the examples - have been waiting to do this pending the schema
25 My action, will try to do on the plane
96, 103, 105    Mainly editorial that I need to re-read after the latest
build to make sure things are OK
The remaining fixes are mainly pending the outcome of the great policy
We are getting real close here!
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