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Re: Update on Status of XKMS Activity Proposal

From: Joseph Reagle <reagle@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2001 18:52:37 -0400
To: www-xkms-ws@w3c.org
Cc: Weitzner <djweitzner@w3.org>
Message-Id: <20011003225237.04A7C873C3@policy.w3.org>

Great! I'm glad to see the high level of interest despite the time lag -- 
and all the recent patent hub-hub won't help that I fear. Regardless, if 
you are interested in contributing with respect to Chairing, please direct 
your offer to Danny Weitzner <djweitzner@w3.org> (and cc: me as well). 

For Authoring/Editing, those appointments are made by the Chair in 
consulation with the Staff Contact. So hold that thought/offer! (You might 
want to look at the following in the mean time:
	http://www.w3.org/Encryption/2001/Contributor.html )

With respect to chairing, the following applies:

  Each group must have a Chair (or co-Chairs) to coordinate the group's
  tasks. The Director appoints (or re-appoints) Chairs for all groups. 

Characteristics considered for appointment include:
- Experience in chairing similar groups, committees, and/or conferences.
- Previous participation or technical contributions in related communities.
- Ability to satisfy the time commitment (from you and/or your 
- Familiarity and/or willingness to learn W3C process and document 
formatting rules.
- The ability to keep the WG "in Charter". In particular, the intent to 
produce an unencumbered specification, or if patent claims of participants 
are relevant, that they are offered under a Royalty Free license.
- The ability (both actual and perceived by the WG -- including potential 
competitors) to forge consensus fairly and without bias from your 
affiliation/employer and, sometimes, even your own technical positions.
- While it's a public WG, I suppose being from a Member organization for 
these appointments help since (unfortunately) much of the day-to-day 
materials and lists are in Member only space.

W3C Members can also look at what the job entails at:
(Which should be a public document really, I'll request that.)

[[I will be on Holiday October 4-11 2001]]

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