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PowerSet in DAML-S 0.9

From: Yuzhong Qu <yzqu@seu.edu.cn>
Date: Sun, 21 Sep 2003 12:16:02 +0800
Message-ID: <004301c37ff7$126cdd80$1c0f77ca@xobjects>
To: <www-ws@w3.org>
Dear all,

The PowerSet in DAML-S 0.9 (See the OWL version) is confusion (The class of subclasses, the set of subsets, the class of subproperties). The following is my suggestion on this issue:

1.The range of the RefersTo property should be the class of all subproperties of parameter, shch as ParameterPowerSet(should be renamed as ProcessParameter, see below), (Currently, the range is http://www.daml.org/services/owl-s/0.9/Process.owl#parameter).

2. ParameterPowerSet should be seen as the class of all parameters for processes (a subclass of Property, a class of all subproperties of parameter). (should be renamed as ProcessParameter)

3. ProcessPowerSet should be seen as the class of all subclasses of Process. (should be renamed as ProcessClass)

4. AtomicProcessPowerSet should be seen as the class of all subclasses of AtomicProcess.(should be renamed as AtomicProcessClass)

5. The profile:has_process property is defined as a functional property with the Profile class as its domain and the Process class as its range. The range should be ProcessPowerSet (More precisely,ProcessClass).

BTW, what's the intended usage of process:participant?  


Yuzhong Qu
Dept.Computer Science and Engineering
Southest University, Nanjing, China

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