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RE: XML Schema requires a type in addition to name to identify an element

From: <paul.downey@bt.com>
Date: Mon, 4 Sep 2006 12:15:15 +0100
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Amy said:

> I hope that at least the issue is expressed as "WSDL does not 
> constrain the contents of the xsi:type attribute," 

that might sound like a better summary of the issue, though it seems
the concern is that a service exposes a GED of "doStuff"
and a top level xsi:type could subvert that to a "PuttingTheKettleOnType" 
to "LaunchingNuclearMissilesType", which sounds more like our operation 
dispatching discussion to me.

Otherwise it's just XML Schema, something some of us are
stuck in a loveless marriage with, it seems.

> because I think that this is more accurate than the submitted subject 
> line (with respect to the submitter; the fact that the 
> industry has to stand on its head and hold its jaw in odd 
> positions in order to make W3C XML Schema meet requirements 
> is *not* in fact something that should necessarily force WSDL 
> to specify how to override or constrain those contortions).

generic issues with using XML Schema for Web service description 
might have more joy here:


or not :-)

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