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Re: New "Additional MEPs" document

From: Amelia A Lewis <alewis@tibco.com>
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2006 12:07:08 -0400
To: Jean-Jacques Moreau <jean-jacques.moreau@crf.canon.fr>
Cc: www-ws-desc@w3.org
Message-Id: <20061025120708.83dbf039.alewis@tibco.com>

Thank you, Jean-Jacques.

I will undertake the revisions as soon as I get a chance.  Jonathan, it probably won't happen by tomorrow's conference call.  However, could you set the deadline for my outstanding action to next week?  I'll try to have the Note completed and ready for approval by the working group by that time.

On Wed, 25 Oct 2006 10:17:05 +0200
Jean-Jacques Moreau <jean-jacques.moreau@crf.canon.fr> wrote:

>As part of my action, I have just commited a new document that will 
>contain the additional MEPs moved out of Part 2. The file is available 
>under W3C CVS as :
>    /sources/public/2002/ws/desc/wsdl20/wsdl20-additional-meps.xml
>I have kept the introduction, notations, namespaces and MEP sections
>as is, leaving you the pleasure of deleting whatever you deem
>unnecessary. I've compressed the change log**.
>I've also removed the MEPs in Part 2 which are not used in our
>bindings. Namely, I've kept only in-only, robust-in-only and in-out.
>I believe this discharges me of my action item.
>** Interestingly, the change log represents 1/4th the number of lines
>of Part 2.

Amelia A. Lewis
Senior Architect
TIBCO/Extensibility, Inc.
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