Interop Event highlights

Here are some of the highlights (those I can remember after being up for 20
hours and still a delayed flight away from home) of the interop event:


*	Created a summary dashboard
*	Improved construction of test suite infrastructure, in particular
Assertion Violation results and  Validation Test Results.
*	Created a sophisticated infrastructure for logging message exchanges
based on WSDL documents, automatically generating assertions about those
exchanges, and testing those assertions against the log. 
*	Fixed numerous Woden bugs. 
*	Fixed numerous wsdl-xslt bugs. 
*	Added a number of good test cases. 
*	Added a large number of bad test cases.
*	Conducted message exchange testing on MessageTest-1G, fixing bugs
*	Identified a number of ambiguities and potential issues in the spec.
*	Generally ate far too much.


Still have some work to do:

*	Complete message testing on MessageTest-4G, MessageTest-5G,
ModuleComposition-1G, LocationTemplate-1G.
*	Complete HTTP binding implementation, and test it on MessageTest-2G
and MessageTest-3G.
*	Write a message exchange test for a matrix of #any, #none, #element
and MEPs.
*	Write more assertion violation tests (bad tests).
*	Complete message exchange log reporting (XML intermediate format)
*	Roll message exchange results into dashboard.
*	Fix remaining bugs in interchange results.
*	Run more complete validation tests and fix bugs there.
*	Rerun and incorporate Canon interchange format results.


Congrats and many thanks to those who worked diligently from the early
morning, often into early morning again.


Jonathan Marsh -  <> -



Received on Monday, 20 November 2006 04:39:03 UTC