Re: WSDL 2.0 test case problems - unknown host & schema visibility


Thx. That test case was extracted verbattim from our Primer. I think I'll 
add an XML catalog and local copies of any referenced schema. Any WSDL 
processor should support a URI resolver that uses an XML catalog. There is 
one of those in the Apache commons project. Would that work for you?

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John Kaputin <> 
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09/23/2005 05:17 AM


WSDL 2.0 test case problems - unknown host & schema visibility

This WSDL test case has element references that are prefixed with a
namespace that is schema imported within <types>, however the
schemaLocation URL  cannot be resolved (  A wsdl processor might use a catalog to resolve such
a host name, but I guess that's not the objective of this test case.


    schemaLocation="" />

I think there is another problem too. This wsdl imports another wsdl
document containing a schema import of "credit-card-faults.xsd".  That
schema should not be visible to the top level wsdl, unless it imports the
schema directly in its <types> element (i.e. if WSDL B xs:imports Schema X
and WSDL A wsdl:imports WSDL B,  Schema X is not visible to WSDL A.  WSDL 
must xs:import Schema X directly). However in this test case, the top 
wsdl does have element references to that schema's namespace. For this 
case to work, I think the top level schema needs to xs:import
"credit-card-faults.xsd" in its <types> element.

John Kaputin

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