Re: Attempted review of SPARQL Protocol LC Draft

* <> [2005-10-27 17:12+0100]
> I did mention this out in my review:
> > As discussed previously within this Working group, the service
> > is interesting in that the operation is bound to both HTTP and 
> > SOAP 1.2 over HTTP.  In the case of HTTP, the operation is 
> > bound twice using the whttp:method attribute to distinguish 
> > between the GET and POST instances, both accepting input as
> > application/x-www-form-urlencoded parameters.
> I thought we had discussed binding the operation twice
> to GET and POST during the Palo Alto (TIBCO) F2F, and decided
> it was OK, but I'm now questioning my memory and the WSDL 2.0
> model in my head. Sorry, I should have flagged this up more 
> strongly during my walk-through on last week's call.

Oh, so I missed both your comment and the discussion then! Anyway, if
this has been considered, then I'm happy.

Sorry about the confusion.



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