Proposed Text for LC344#5: Operation Style

Here's my proposed text to be incorporated into the section on Operation 
Styles[1] to resolve LC344 comment 5[2]

An operation style specifies additional information about an operation. 
For example, an operation style may define constraints on the element 
declarations used by the interface message reference components of the 
operation. This additional information in no way affects how a client 
interacts with the service and it may therefore be safely ignored in that 
context. However, the additional information may be used for other 
purposes, for example, improved code generation. The {style} property of 
the Operation component contains a set of zero or more URIs that identify 
operation styles. An Operation component MUST satisfy the specification 
defined by each operation style identified by its {style} property. Two 
operation styles are mutually incompatible if no Operation component can 
simultaneously satisfy them both. Any Operation component whose {style} 
property contains a pair of mutually incompatible operation style URIs is 
therefore invalid.


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