Re: Up-to-date version of Part 2 for review; comments

* Hugo Haas <> [2005-11-11 21:54+0900]
> All,
> I have incorporated all Part 2 resolutions in the draft:
> As I have made a lot of editorial changes, I highly recommend other
> eyes to have a look at the document to guarantee self-consistence.

I have reread the whole specification and have made minor tweaks:;%20charset=utf-8

> Some comments:
> - I have chosed the following attributes and properties for the {/}
>   syntax replacement: ignoreUncited and {http location ignore uncited}
> - I have implemented LC337; however, I could NOT link the media type
>   parameters to the Content-Type easily; I don't think that anybody
>   was really for having those in the logs, so I'd like to see if we
>   can drop them; see
>   and
>   for details.

I actually have managed to phrase it crisply (which was my original
problem), so we are fine. See the final text:;%20charset=utf-8#_http_ser_val

One thing I forgot to say in my first email is that I removed the
editorial note "Input serialization for HTTP GET in SOAP HTTP binding"
as it seems that CR would be too late for such a change.



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