Re: Multiple binding of an operation (was Re: Attempted review of SPARQL Protocol LC Draft)

On Fri, 2005-11-04 at 11:51 +0100, Hugo Haas wrote:
> > I cannot think at this moment of any distinguishing characteristic of
> > these same-named binding operations that can readily be used in the
> > component designators, though. And I thought that different bindings of
> > one operation can be done in different bindings, and these can then be
> > provided by the same endpoint, so the SPARQL WSDL can be refactored and
> > we can (again?) forbid multiple different binding operation components
> > with the same name.
> I'm wondering if this means that we are going to require in this case
> a name property for binding operations to distinguish them.

Wouldn't this be confusing? 

interface/operation name="getStockQuote"
binding/operation ref="getStockQuote" name="somethingElse"?

Instead, I suggest again that we require up to one binding operation for
a single interface operation, as it seems that two different bindings
with the same endpoint address would do the job equally well for SPARQL.

In simple words - if you want to bind an operation twice and
differently, use two bindings.

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