LC90; Allowing Different Defintions of Elements within the Same Namespace

LC90 [1] raises the requriment to specify different definitions of the 
same element on input/output/fault. The solution that Paul Biron proposed 
doesn't seem workable due to the semantics of xs:import, i.e. the 
schemaLocation is a hint. What is needed if a more precise way of 
specifying the desired definition.

As a way to close this issue, I suggest that Paul use the WSDL extension 
mechanism to define a new extension attribute, x:scd, and that this 
attribute use Schema Component Designators to specify the precise 
definition desired.

For example, 

<wsdl:input element="xsTicketAgent:listFlightsRequest" 


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Received on Thursday, 12 May 2005 16:24:32 UTC