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New editors draft of the media types doc checked in

From: Anish Karmarkar <Anish.Karmarkar@oracle.com>
Date: Wed, 02 Mar 2005 15:06:38 -0800
Message-ID: <422646FE.8080108@oracle.com>
To: www-ws-desc@w3.org, public-ws-media-types@w3.org

I have checked in a new version of media types doc [1].
This version contains:
1) all the LC issues resolved by the WG
2) all the ed issue resolutions that the editors were asked to resolve.
There is a change log at the end which lists changes since the LC doc.


Issues resolution coming from the WG -

1) Issue 260

Action taken:
In section 2.2 removed the sentence starting with "The 'q' parameter defined
..." and the editorial note seeking feedback.

2) Issue 259

Action taken:
Section 2.2 is modified to disallow the prefix "Accept:" and the rule 
qdtext is
modified to --
qdtext = <any CHAR  except <">>

3) Issue 266

Action taken:
At the end of the section the following is added:
In the absence of XML schema the type information (xs:base64Binary or
xs:hexBinary) may have to be provided via other mechanisms; for example,

4) Issue 271
No action

5) Issue 261
Action taken: as specified in 

6) issue 262
action taken: as specified in 

7) Issue 263:

Action taken: changed schema to make contentLength be of minlength of 3
added the stmt:
" ... with a minimum length of three and all leading and trailing white 
characters are ignored." in section 2.1

8) issue 258:
no action

9) issue 270:
Added clarification regd what [normalized value] means

Ed issues resolved by the editors:

1) 253:
* In section 1.1 added:
All parts of this specification are normative, with the exception of 
and sections explicitly marked as "Non-Normative"
* created two sections: normative ref and informative ref, moved wsdl 
2.0, xop
   and mtom ref to informative ref section
* removed the namespace prefix for wsdl (not related to this issue)

2) 254:
removed all ed notes

3) 255:
Updated the Infoset ref to the 2nd edition

4) 256:
not an issue. in fact i18n likes this see:

5) 257:
not an issue

6) 264:
accepted the suggested change
Action taken: used the prefix xmlmime for all occurences of 
expectedMediaType and contentType attribute

7) 265:
updated the XOP/MTOM refs to the REC docs

8) 267:
no action (prefix is xmlmime)

9) 268:
no action (per WG decision)

10) 269:

action taken:
* s/name of the IANA media type token/a valid content-type string
* title change
* s/expectedMediaType/expectedContentType
* s/Declaring media types for binary data/Declaring Content-Type for 
binary data
(implemented all the suggestions)
+ replaced 'media type' with 'content-type' at bunch of places

11)  274:
no action
we don't use the term 'IANA media type token'

12) 275:
no action
we don't mean to restrict xmlmime:base64Binary but xs:base64Binary as stated

13) 276:
no action
the example as stated is correct, in this case xmlmime:contentType attr 
is not used

14) 277:
no action
the suggested alternative makes the attribute optional, whereas the 
example is about a required contentType attribute



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