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Minutes [+ summary]: 19-20 January 2005 WS Description FTF

From: Jonathan Marsh <jmarsh@microsoft.com>
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2005 15:32:58 -0800
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Minutes enclosed.  Summary follows:

Thursday 19 January
  Status Check
  - Need to send Director a notice that we're missing our schedule.
  - Need to accelerate our work too.
  - ACTION: dbooth and KevinL to scope remaining primer work and 
            identify who needs to supply what advanced topic sections
  Single interface per service issues:
  - RESOLUTION: Issue LC73, LC75n, LC89k closed with no action.
  - ACTION: Part 1 Editors to call out the difference between WSDL 
            1.1 and 2.0 with respect to single interface per service.
  Operation Name Mapping Issues
  - RESOLUTION: Convert the Operation Name Mapping Requirement to a 
                Best Practice section, carefully delineating the
                problems that might arise from not having an 
                identifiable mechanism in the message to distinguish 
                which operation the message belongs to.
  - ACTION: Part 1 Editors to rewrite ONMR as above.
  - Oracle and Sun to consider whether to file a formal objection.
  - Issue LC82 deferred pending rewrite of the section.
  - RESOLUTION: Close LC84a with no action.
  - ACTION: Hugo to write a proposal for adding an optional Action 
            attribute in line with WS Addressing (LC84b)

  Composition Edge Case Issues
  - ACTION: Arthur and Asir to look for more edge cases ref LC20 
            and LC27.
  - PARTIAL RESOLUTION: Adopt intersection rule for props and features,
                        revisit equivalence after we discuss Arthur's
                        general equivalence issue.
  - ACTION: Part 1 Editors to add the intersection rule for 
                        f&p composition.

Friday 20 January
  XML 1.1 Issues
  - RESOLUTION: Close 74e, 75q, 89b, 89c by removing the abstract types
                intended to support XML 1.1.

  Issue LC50: Message Exchange Patterns -- p2c and/or p2e
  - RESOLUTION: Add DB's text + "Note: " in 2nd sentence, and 
                close issue 50.

  Application Data Feature Issues
  - Interest in creating a header attribute which is an alternate 
    syntax for the AD feature. The attribute will point to a 
    "wrapper type" and describe that each 'child' in that type 
    becomes a header.
  - ACTION: DaveO to further refine his header proposal based 
            on the input he has received during the f2f
  - ACTION: Asir to think about mU and possible propose some 
            clarification text

  Message and Fault Issues
  - RESOLUTION: Issue LC61b is closed as dup of 75a
  - ACTION: Arthur to come up with primer text to show fault reuse 
            and fault code.
  - RESOLUTION: Issue LC75i is closed by adopting the proposal.
  - RESOLUTION: close issue LC75k noting that binding extensions
                could accomplish this.
  - RESOLUTION: Close Issue 75l and 103 by making the message 
                label property of the binding message reference 
                component required AND substituting an error for 
                empty in the text in the message label mapping 
                in table 2-13.

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