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On the typing of message parts in WSDL

From: <Tom_Antony@i2.com>
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2005 12:53:27 +0000
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The WSDL 1.1 spec states in section "2.3.1 Message Parts"

"However, if the message contents are sufficiently complex, then an
alternative syntax may be used to specify the composite structure of the
message using the type system directly. In this usage, only one part may be
specified.  In the following example, the body is either a purchase order,
or a set of invoices.  "

But doesnt this depend upon the style of interaction ?

Further down in section "3.5 soap:body" it states

"If use is literal, then each part references a concrete schema definition
using either the element or type attribute. In the first case, the element
referenced by the part will appear directly under the Body element (for
document style bindings) or under an accessor element named after the
message part (in rpc style). In the second, the type referenced by the part
becomes the schema type of the enclosing element (Body for document style
or part accessor element for rpc style). "

Which means that if the style is 'document' and the part is defined to be
of certain type then the SOAP body is typed by that type, which means there
can be only one part specified to have a type. So the input message should
have only one part (Document style by itslef  does not impose a restriction
of a single part in the input message). But whereas if the style is 'rpc'
then each part has a wrapper. And in this case the type of the part becomes
the type of the enclosing wrapper. So in this case cant the input message
have multiple parts specifying a type instead of element name ?

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