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Minutes, 21-22 April 2005 WS Description WG FTF

From: Jonathan Marsh <jmarsh@microsoft.com>
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2005 10:47:59 -0700
Message-ID: <7DA77BF2392448449D094BCEF67569A50751956A@RED-MSG-30.redmond.corp.microsoft.com>
To: <www-ws-desc@w3.org>
Full minute enclosed, summary follows:

  Primer review:
    ACTION: Arthur to review primer sec 4.1 for correctness.
    ACTION: Kevin to add inheritance example to primer sec 5.
    ACTION: Kevin to do outbound interface example in primer.
    ACTION: kliu will send comment (Section 6.4) to list as editorial 
    ACTION: Hugo to check (Section 6.6) for correctness.
    ACTION: GlenD to check scoping (Section 7.2) references.
    ACTION: kliu to note issue (Section 7.9).
    ACTION: hugo fix type thing and look at rest for consistency in
            DaveO's examples at 
r.html#reservationDetails_HTTP and

  Last Call docs:
    RESOLUTION: Shoot for LC after Berlin meeting, short LC, into CR
                before August holiday.
    RESOLUTION: Repub specs 0,1,2, freeze at end of next week.

    RESOLUTION: Publish RDDL at the namespace URIs.
    ACTION: Hugo to establish RDDL docs.

  Common schema structures:
    ACTION: Pauld to craft, publish to WG for review for publication as 
            WG Note.

  Media Type Description Note:
    ACTION: Hugo to take action to check with Henry if accept our 
    ACTION: MTD editors to incorporate Larry's changes.

  Issue LC74a: I18N Comments, WSDL 2.0 Part I (partial) (a)
    PARTIAL RESOLUTION: Change URI to IRI throughout except URI attr 
      and prop on featiures and properties and SOAP module, which
      becomes "ref"; exempt appendix E where we talk about namespace
      URIs, and section 4.11.2 in adjunct spec.
    ACTION: ? to continue to look at IRI style/URI style.

  Issue LC120: contradictions regarding transitivity of wsdl:import
    RESOLUTION: close LC120; add references to qname resolution and 
                clarify that section; use Asir's text for 4.2
    ACTION: Asir to provide modified text of section 4.2 to editors

  Issue LC89m: Clarify "directly include"
    RESOLUTION: issue 89m closed with table 2-1 rows 4,5 to match 
                the other rows.

  Issue LC96: wsdl import differs from xml schema import.
    RESOLUTION: subsumed by closure of LC 120, changes to section 4.2

  Issue LC74: can import/include import or include a wsdl 1.1 document?
    RESOLUTION: LC74 closed with action to the editors to add "2.0" to 

  Issue LC75w: should we require resolution of URIs for wsdlLocation?
    ACTION: Editors Fix the "processor" language in 4.1.1
    RESOLUTION: Issue 75w closed by directing editors to remove "is not 
                dereferenceable or" from section 4.1.1.

  Issue LC59d: Clarify wsdlLocation
    ACTION: Tom to provide additional text to section 7, part 1,

  Issue LC116: is schemaLocation attribute required for inline schemas?
    ACTION: Editors to make sure that inline/embedded schema used 
            consistently and defined.
    RESOLUTION: LC116 closed with action to editors to incorporate 
                suggested text
changing: "so long as the inline schema 
                has been encountered during resolution of imports 
                and includes for the current component model." to 
                "so long as the inline schema has been resolved in the
                current component model."

  Issue LC99: message reference property has an optional message 
              content model.
    RESOLUTION: LC99 closed with the "other" value added to component
                model, all values to have octothorpe stripped in
                component model.

  Issue LC80: extension components not described.
    ACTION: Part 2 editors to define frag id extensions for soap:header,

            http:header, soap:module.
    RESOLUTION: LC 80 closed with no change.

  Issue LC75g: RPC should allow element wildcards
    RESOLUTION: Proposal

  Issue LC75f: RPC Allow extension attributes on RPC local element
    RESOLUTION: The spec is clear enough. Close with no action.

  Issue LC118: New Issue RPC Style (and proposed fix)
    RESOLUTION: Close the issue by accepting the proposal. 
  WS-Addressing and WSDL 1.1
    Topic discussed - some were uncomfortable with a standalone
    WS-A WSDL 1.1 Binding Recommendation.

  Issue LC76a: MEPs should support addressing mechanism
    ACTION: Jonathan to ask WS-Addressing to ensure that they 
            clearly specify overriding of the fault destination. (LC76a)
    RESOLUTION: Close LC76a by adding a clause to the fault rule set
                that says the destination of the fault may be modified 
                by a binding or extension and to cite WSA as an 
                informative example.

  Media Type Description
    Joe Fialli's comments
      RESOLUTION: Accept Tony's wording at
    RESOLUTION: Publish it! Our first deliverable!!!!

  Issue LC59e: Clarify serialization
    RESOLUTION: Close LC59e with no action.

  Issue LC54: WSDL Last Call issue
    RESOLUTION: Close LC54 with no action.

  Issue LC77a: Namespaced elements and urlformencoded
    RESOLUTION: Close LC77a with editorial clarification that 
                local names already must be unique so no namespace 
                URI is necessary.

  Issue LC59f: Support compositors
    RESOLUTION: Close the issue. Handle it procedurally.

  Issue LD89d: Disabling a feature on a specific operation
    RESOLUTION: Close with no action.

  Issue LC89e: Properties are runtime and shouldn't be in WSDL
    RESOLUTION: Close with no action.
    ACTION: Glen to send a response for LC89e.

  Issue 79m: Inconsistent value for {operation reference}
    RESOLUTION: Close the issue (Arthur already fixed).

  Issue LC89f: Strengthen conformance re: syntax
    RESOLUTION: Add "An XML 1.0 document that is valid with respect 
                to the WSDL 2.0 XML Schema and that maps to a valid 
                WSDL 2.0 Component Model is conformant to the WSDL 
                2.0 specification."

  Issue LC110: WSDL 2.0 Part3, Sec. 3.4
    RESOLUTION: Restrict the pattern to digits.digits, and add an 
                explicit ref to 2616.

  Issue LC76b: Define "propogate"
    ACTION: Amy to define propogation. (LC76b)

  Issue LC62a: issues with wsdl:endpoint@address (a)
    RESOLUTION: Optional on purpose. Close the issue 62a by fixing 
                the schema. Editorial fix to clarify the specification
                why it is optional intentionally.
    ACTION: Hugo to investigate HTTP binding and determine whether 
            address is optional. (LC62a)

  Issue LC89a: Clarify schema validity conformance requirement
    RESOLUTION: Already have done so; to complete this work add a 
                conformance section to the RPC extension.

  Issue LC89h: Use XML Schema, not pseudo-schema
    RESOLUTION: Close with no action.

  Issue LC100: The WSDL 2.0 XSD for Root Element is Too Loose
    RESOLUTION: Close with no action.

  Issue LC117: Problem with Service References:
               elementFormDefault="qualified" prevents restriction
    ACTION: Marsh to ask WS-A to review primer re: endpoint references, 
            and to ask them for any advice about how to describe EPRs 
            to the end of identifying which interface and/or binding are

            referenced just from examining the description. (LC117)
    ACTION: Umit to write an alternate proposal (LC117)
    ACTION: Editors to add "When you want to describe a message that 
            sends an endpoint reference, create an element that 
            restricts wsdl:EndpointType and specifies a fixed value 
            for the @binding attribute." (LC117)

  Issue LC52c: Last call review comments (c)
    RESOLUTION: Clarify that fault codes not being defaultable is 
                the reason.

  Issue LC61c: comments on the wsdl 2.0 working drafts (c)
    RESOLUTION: Close the issue.
    ACTION: Amy to provide examples for the advanced section of the
            primer. Amy to send them to Kevin and test materials to 
            Arthur. (LC61c)

  Issue LC64: URI References for Schema Components
    ACTION: Arthur to investigate the Schema Designators and come 
            back with a proposal (LC64).

  Issue LC72: Faults that are not described in WSDL?
    RESOLUTION: By design. Close with no action.

  Issue LC74c: I18N Comments, WSDL 2.0 Part I (partial) (c)
    ACTION: Amy to investigate a solution (LC74c)

  Issue LC75d: Require explicit type for each input/output?
    RESOLUTION: To accept the issue by changing "same type" to 
                "same named type".

  Issue LC75p: 
    RESOLUTION: Close issue with no action.

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