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RE: plan for primer examples

From: Liu, Kevin <kevin.liu@sap.com>
Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2004 18:07:00 +0200
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Hi Peter,
Thanks. Generally I will try best to come up with examples some how related to  the hotel reservation service. But please send me your example, I believe it can be either leveraged to come up with something for the hotel service, or be used by the group in papers more dedicated to explaining using MTOM/XOP  with wsdl20

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Subject: Re: plan for primer examples

>>example of using media type and MTOM for attachment support 
For this case, a simple example from Healthcare (the domain in which my company operates) comes to mind immediately: It is often the case that medical images are sent off to CAD (computer-aided diagnostic) systems post-processing, usually with the goal having the automated tumour detection system complement the radiologist's diagnosis. I could put forth a simple interface to a CAD-like system that could illustrate MTOM-related features if you thought that would be useful? 


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Hi David and all, 
Based on our discussion in the Toronto F2F, here is some examples I am thinking to rewrite/add for the primer. Please let me know if you would like to see something more or different. Concrete suggestions will be highly appreciated. 
    - a simple complete example for the hotel service (aggregate the pieces in the current draft) 
Interface section 
   -  an example of using xsd import, including the cases for intra schema references within the same <types> section 
   -  an example of using interface inheritance 
    - an example of using RPC style 
   - an example of  defining reusable faults 
Binding section 
    - an example of soap1.2 binding (extended from the complete example in the begining) 
    - an example of soap1.1 binding (for the same interface, pending on the work of soap1.1 binding) 
    - an example of http binding (for the same interface) 
    - an example of binding fault 
    - (reuse the complete example in the beginning) 
    - example of using wsdl import and include 
    - example of using media type and MTOM for attachment support 
    - example of defining headers uisng application data feature (optional) 

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