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Typos in the WSDL primer

From: Lawrence Mandel <lmandel@ca.ibm.com>
Date: Fri, 26 Nov 2004 14:36:30 -0500
To: www-ws-desc@w3.org
Message-ID: <OFDCFCB0FC.752DC6A7-ON85256F58.0069212B-85256F58.006BB644@ca.ibm.com>
Hello working group,

I just read through the WSDL primer. First off, congratulations. This 
document (although not yet complete) provides a nice overview of WSDL 2.0.

I found some typos while reading through the primer. I'm listing them here 
in case they haven't yet been found and fixed.

Section 1.3
-"This document uses several XML namespaces, some of which are defined by 
standars..." should read "...defined by standards..."

Section 2.1
-The first sentence of the 5th paragraph is an incomplete sentence. "We 
begin by writing a WSDL 2.0 document to describe a Web service that 
initially provides only the."

Example 2-1
-It is stated in section 2.1 that "to simplify our first example, we will 
implement only the CheckAvailability operation." The example contains the 
types for the MakeReservation operation. Is this intentional?

Section 3.1
-First paragraph, second sentence. "...a requester of the service must 
provide a check-in date, a check-out date, and specifies the type of 
room..." should read "...and specify the type of room...".
-Second paragraph, first sentence. A space is needed between 'decision' 
and 'we'.

Section 3.1.1
-First paragraph, first sentence. "Let's exame..." should read "Let's 

Section 3.1.2
-Paragraph five, first sentence. "After look into these..." should read 
"After looking into these..."
-Second sentence. "In addition, we also want the schema definitions be 
available..." should read "definitions to be available".
-Third sentence. "So we writes down..." should read "So we write down..."

Section 3.2
-Paragraph three, last sentence. "...and whether the message are sent..." 
should read either "...and whether the message is sent..." or "...and 
whether the messages are sent...".
-Robust In-Only. Second sentence. Change "aslo" to "also".
-Paragraph below In-Optional-Out. "...MEPs which sort of mirroring the..." 
should read "...MEPs which sort of mirror the..."
-Robust Out-Only, second sentence. Change "aslo" to "also".
-Second last paragraph, last sentence. "...may be used together, wherea 
binding..." should read "...may be used together, whereas binding...".

Section 3.3
-Last paragraph, end of second sentence. Change "documents" to "document".

Section 3.3.3
-Paragraph beginning with "An operation references..." Sentence "Its vaule 
muse match..." should read "Its value must match..."
-The following sentence starts "Note thta..." and should be "Note that..."
-Next paragraph, third sentence. "...interface fault with an specific..." 
should read "...interface fault with a specific...".
-Same paragraph, last sentence. The first word needs to be capitalized.

Example 3-4
-Do the outfault references need to be prefixed with tns?

Section 4.1
-Paragraph beginning with "Careful readers...". The first sentence says 
"...some extend symmetric..." and should read "...some extent 
-Same paragraph,end of third sentence. "...different purspose." should 
read "...different purposes."

Section 5
-First paragraph, end of the third sentence. "...service that implementing 
an interface is provided." should read "...service that implements an 
interface is provided."


Lawrence Mandel

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