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Summary: 28-30 Jan 2004 WS Description FTF

From: Jonathan Marsh <jmarsh@microsoft.com>
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2004 09:50:51 -0800
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Web Service Description Group
Summary, FTF meeting 28-30 Jan 2004
Bedford, hosted by Sonic.



  RESOLUTION: we should have a separate document for test assertions 
              and this document has to be explicitly linked to the 
  ACTION: Philippe and JMarsh will look at the ipr for test suite.
  RESOLUTION: Arthur is the Editor for this document.

 Issue 105 (Fault proposal):
  RESOLUTION: Accept Paul's proposal to hoist faults in the interface.
  RESOLUTION: Rename faultDefault to fault.
  RESOLUTION: Allow <value>,<subcode> as children of 
  RESOLUTION: Remove per-operation (in|out)fault
  NEW ISSUE:  Open issue on the name of wsoap:fault/@name and 
              outfault/@name (should indicate that it is a reference, 
              not defining a name)
  ACTION: Sanjiva to consistify the @name attributes.

 Issue fault-name-uniqueness:
  RESOLUTION: Close issue-fault-name-uniqueness - works just like 
             operations (no change to spec).

 Issue 89:
  RESOLUTION: Close issue 89 by changing the namespace of wsoap:fault 
             to wsdl:fault, and add a corresponding component in the 
             abstract model.

 Issue 87:
  RESOLUTION: Close issue #87 with no action.

 Optional extensions:
  No resolution.


 Attribute styles:
  RESOLUTION: Remove attribute styles.
  RESOLUTION: Close issue 103 as irrelevant since styles are removed.

 Features and Properties:
  Insufficient interest to mark f&p "at risk".
  New proposal for compositors discussed, decision deferred.

 Inline syntax [BEA proposal]:
  Significant opposition to further pursuit of such a proposal.
  Proposal for non-XML syntax withdrawn.

 Issue 102: Schema import.
  RESOLUTION: Issue 102 closed with Glen's wording and with "root" 
              changed to "importing".

 Header/Body style [BEA proposal]
  Dependent upon Glen's generic header-adding feature, which is
  still outstanding.
 Issue 79: How much validation?
  ACTION:   David Booth to suggest improvements to the spec clarifying
            "WSDL processor".]
  New Issue: Is there something we can do to improve conformance on 
             the wire between WSDL-based agents? This would prevent 
             us from getting immediately profiled.]


  ACTION: DaveO to write up a proposal for augmenting schema 
          information to enable versioned data.
  ACTION: DavidO to write request to schema group to address the
          issue of schema not supporting ignoring extended content.
  ACTION: Tom to write proposal on version attribute (modeled after

  ACTION: Umit to write a proposal on @wsdlLocation
  RESOLUTION: Issue 76 closed as duplicate of 81.
  RESOLUTION: Issue 81 closed without action, no compelling 
        scenario and workaround exists.

 Issue 95: service/@name:
  RESOLUTION: @name optional for the standalone service type use. it 
              will be required inside the context of a wsdl document.
              we may be able to describe in the schema as well as in 
              the spec but we should check for side effect. Close
              issue 95.
  ACTION: Jonathan to investigate typo in last f2f meeting on 

 Media type TF report (preliminary)
  ACTION: Umit to forward a link/proposal on media types to the WG list

 Issue 104: Appendix E cleanup.
  ACTION: Jonathan to add s/@message/@element/ on a teleconference 
          agenda (proposal had general acclaim at meeting).
  ACTION: Jonathan to add s/@messageReference/@label/ on a 
          teleconference agenda (proposal had general acclaim at
 Issue 80: Inappropriate binding component name
  RESOLUTION: Keep "binding", close issue 80 with no action.

 Issue 82: Relax binding syntax
  RESOLUTION: given the changes to the syntax, we close issue 82 with no

 Issue 83: Interaction between binding extensions
  RESOLUTION: Issue 83 is closed with no action.

 ACTION: Issues list editor to retitle Issues 113 and 91.

 Issue 91: MEP terminology.
  RESOLUTION: Issue 91 is closed, editors will use the term "Message
            Exchange Pattern" rather than "Message Pattern".

 New (old) issue: Marking operations as 'safe' 
  ACTION:  Philippe to draft a note for the group around safe 
 New (old) issue: "renaming the label of MEPs"
  RESOLUTION: Change MEP labels from A and B to IN and OUT
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