RE: On WSDL "operation"

I agree with Sanjiva. WSDL defines the messages passed, not the programming
interface, and cannot be tied to any specific programming language:
but that doesn't make it an "abuse" to use a WSDL to generate a programming
language binding. 

AFAICT there are two universes in Web Services - document centric and
application centric. Both have equal merit. There is no reason why WSDL
can't continue to enable both communities to communicate.

Using WSDL to generate code doesn't imply a chatty OO interface - it can
still be a coarse-grained document passing interface, just without the need
for an application to process XML.

DCE/CORBA/COM IDLs define a programming interface, but implicitly define the
messages passed on the wire. WSDL is just the other way-round.

Also, to me, "operation" doesn't imply OO - just "*something* happens".


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