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Glen, how would a WSDL processor know whether a feature was accepted or


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> (writing this on a plane - not sure if I'll be able to get it
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> Hi all:
> > Feature proponents: Can someone please give some explanatory
> > sentences that explains what a feature is? The current wording
> > is, um, recursive:
> >
> >     "A Feature component describes a particular feature that
> >      a Web service accepts or requires in particular interactions."
> >
> > While its cool to have a recursive definition, it doesn't help
> > anyone understand what a feature is supposed to be. Maybe there's
> > wording in the SOAP spec we can borrow (or refer to). Can someone
> > take this on please? Glen?
> Sure.  How about this (paraphrased from the SOAP spec):
> 	A feature component describes an abstract piece of
> 	functionality typically associated with the exchange of
> 	messages between communicating parties.  Although WSDL
> 	poses no constraints on the potential scope of such
> 	features, examples might include "reliability",
> 	"security", "correlation", and "routing".  The presence
> 	of a feature component in a WSDL description indicates
> 	that the feature is either accepted or required in
> 	particular interactions.
> This is a band-aid patch that clears up the particular wording you
> noted had problems.  I do plan to take a swing at creating some
> explanatory text about features/properties in general, as discussed
> a couple of F2F's ago.
> --Glen

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