Re: updating spec

I got the "cool tool" from Marc and hacked it a bit to work with the
WSDL spec. It's definitely different from cvsweb. It generates
an XML document in the same format as the spec and with all the needed
diff="add|del|chg" attributes in place. Currently, I'm running into
a problem with the stylesheet we use, which seems to handle the markup
generated for the diffs a bit differently from the SOAP one. I'll
check with Marc and report back.


Sanjiva Weerawarana wrote:
> Hi Gudge,
> Wilco; thanks. 
> Roberto - can you do it please? I wonder whether what he has is
> different from what viewcvs will generate ..
> Sanjiva.
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>>You might want to ping Marc Hadley ( maybe via Roberto ). Mark has a
>>cool tool that will generate a diff marked copy of a file given two
>>versions from CVS. That way you could avoid using diff markup entirely
>>in the actual docs.
>>Either way, I agree that when making large-scale changes diff markup is
>>not too useful.
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>>>Subject: updating spec
>>>I've started to update the spec. I know having the change 
>>>marks is useful, but now that we're making significant 
>>>changes (and Jeffrey has already done a good part of them .. 
>>>thanks!), its a pain to keep seeing dead text and changed text. 
>>>Can I delete the added/deleted versions and just retain the 
>>>new stuff? Its of course all in CVS so nothing is really 
>>>gone, but that way its a easier to edit it.

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