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RE: HTTP binding options

From: <paul.downey@bt.com>
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2003 22:52:26 -0000
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To: <dorchard@bea.com>, <www-ws-desc@w3.org>
Is it feasible to have a URL re-writing syntax that also covers other URLs such as FTP or SMTP ?

I guess i'm wondering about option 5 but not limited to the http-binding and not just for rewriting query_string parameters.


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	I'm strongly in favour of option 5.  I really don't see how we could
	seriously call this a "Web" service description language if there's no
	support for describing URLs.  We see a significant number of customers
	wanting to have better integration between URL parts and message parts in
	WSDL.  Y'all know how much I have argued against certain zealotry so I don't
	say this from that pov.
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	> Subject: HTTP binding options
	> The "HTTP binding table" at the post-meeting lunch came up
	> with the following possible options for the HTTP binding:
	> option 1:
	>     drop HTTP binding completely
	> option 2:
	>     define a POST binding only with the natural binding possible:
	>     input becomes POST body and output must be POST response
	> option 3:
	>     define option 2 +
	>     define GET binding for operations with MEP=in-out and with no
	>     input body (i.e., GET goes to http:address URL) and the output
	>     must be the GET response
	> option 4:
	>     define option 3 +
	>     define GET binding for operations with MEP=in-out and @style=rpc
	>     ala the WSDL 1.1 binding, but with rules to move all parameters
	>     into query parameters. (That is, no URL rewriting ala WSDL 1.1.)
	> option 5:
	>     define option 4 +
	>     add URL replacement to allow different parts to go in the URL
	>     itself vs. as query params
	> There was pretty strong sentiment against doing (5). (4) has the
	> negative that the value of operation/@style is bleeding into the
	> binding - which would be unfortunate. (3) is interesting and can
	> be generalized a bit for other MEPs if needed. An interesting twist
	> on (3) could be to allow appending a relative URL to the adresss
	> on a per-operation  basis. That's not without price (inconsistent
	> use of xml:base for relative URLs for one).
	> My current preference is that we do option (2).
	> Sanjiva.

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