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proposed issue and resolution: eliminate <message> construct

From: Sanjiva Weerawarana <sanjiva@watson.ibm.com>
Date: Fri, 17 May 2002 02:41:55 +0600
Message-ID: <040901c1fd1a$1f8f5a30$0aaa7cca@lankabook2>
To: "WS-Desc WG \(Public\)" <www-ws-desc@w3.org>
Per our telecon today I have inserted the following into the part1

<issue id="issue-eliminate-message" status="closed">
  <head>Can we eliminate &lt;message&gt; in favor of a schema 
  Using the &lt;message&gt; mechanism to define the structure of
  a message makes the &lt;message&gt; syntax an alternate infoset
  defining syntax to XSD in some sense. It would be nice to be
  able to write message definitions just using XSD and eliminate
  the &lt;message&gt; mechanism altogether.
  <source>Keith Ballinger, Jeffrey Schlimmer, Others</source>
  <resolution>We will consider this for WSDL 2.0. For WSDL 1.2,
  we will not remove the &lt;message&gt; construct.</resolution>

If this is not an accurate rendition please help me get it right.

(Updated draft will be posted shortly.)

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