WS-Polling submission

Dear Coordination Group,

This is to let you know that W3C has acknowledged a Member Submission
in the area of Web services, WS-Polling:

    WS-Polling Submission request to W3C

The specification submitted is:

    Web Services Polling (WS-Polling)

    This specification defines a mechanism to deliver messages
    destined to an unreachable endpoint by allowing the destination to
    'poll' the source for messages targeted for it.

As pointed out in the Team comment, it is related to work that some
Working Groups are currently doing:

  This Member Submission is related to the following W3C specifications:

    * SOAP 1.2, which is a W3C Recommendation produced by the XML
      Protocol Working Group
    * Web Services Addressing 1.0, developed by the Web Services
      Addressing Working Group
    * WSDL 2.0, developed by the Web Services Description Working


The action suggested by the submitter is the following:

  We suggest that the Consortium consider inclusion of this Submission
  into an existing activity or possibly create an incubator group.

The next steps spelled out in the Team comment are:

  This Member Submission will be brought to the attention of the Web
  Services Activity Coordination Group. Due to the current scope of
  their work, it is expected that the existing groups will not take on
  such work.

  Members of the Consortium may consider starting an Incubator Group
  within the new Incubator Activity, in order to build consensus around
  this specification and prepare for a Working Group to be chartered to
  work on this area.

  Feedback on this technology is encouraged on the mailing
  list (public archive).

I would like us to have a discussion about this at our next meeting.



Hugo Haas - W3C -

Received on Thursday, 27 October 2005 09:49:43 UTC