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Minutes from 2002-02-19 WS-CG teleconference

From: Hugo Haas <hugo@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 15:48:08 -0500
To: www-ws-cg@w3.org
Message-ID: <20020313204808.GK15532@jibboom.w3.org>
[ Based on Eric Miller's email, with phone numbers removed:
  http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Member/w3c-ws-cg/2002Feb/0029.html ]

Minutes from 2002-02-19 WS-CG teleconference

- Christopher Ferris
- David Fallside (chair)
- Eric Miller (scribe)
- Hugo Haas
- Jonathan Marsh

Action Items:

ACTION ITEM: Chris to identify person from Web Services Arch group to 
present at Tech Plenary

IRC Log:

17:57:19 <hugo-home> hugo-home has changed the topic to: WSCG call
17:57:36 <hugo-home> Zakim, list conferences
17:57:37 <Zakim> I see PP_PPWG()12:00PM
17:58:02 <hugo-home> we're not listed yet
17:58:26 <chris> chris has joined #ws-cg
17:58:32 <chris> dialing...
17:59:37 <hugo-home> Zakim, this is WS_WSCG()1:00PM
17:59:38 <Zakim> ok, hugo-home
17:59:39 <chris> it's lonely in here:)
18:00:04 <Zakim> + +x.xxx.xxx.aaaa
18:00:27 <hugo-home> Zakim, +x.xxx.xxx.aaaa is Hugo  
18:00:28 <Zakim> +Hugo; got it
18:01:07 <chris> zakim, +Chris? is me
18:01:09 <Zakim> sorry, chris, I do not recognize a party named '+Chris?'
18:01:12 <Zakim> +Fallside
18:01:20 <chris> zakim, Chris? is me
18:01:22 <Zakim> +Chris; got it
18:02:23 <chris> s/sreams/screams/
18:02:26 <em> rrsagent, help
18:02:38 <Zakim> +EricM
18:03:40 <Zakim> +Marsh
18:04:00 <em> zakim, who is here?
18:04:01 <Zakim> I see Chris, Hugo (muted), Fallside, EricM, Marsh
18:04:04 <DavidF> DavidF has joined #ws-cg
18:04:20 <em> zakim, who is here?
18:04:21 <Zakim> I see Chris, Hugo (muted), Fallside, EricM, Marsh
18:06:07 <hugo-home> Agenda: 
18:08:57 <em-scribe> agenda -> 
18:09:29 <em-scribe> agenda item 3:
18:09:40 <em-scribe> - overview of WS activity
18:09:49 <em-scribe> - what it is, what it does (wg, etc.)
18:10:00 <em-scribe> - stage report from each group
18:10:15 <em-scribe> - seed audience for topic of discussions
18:11:24 <em-scribe> Jonathan: I can anticipate first & second question: 
what about security?
18:12:16 <em-scribe> DavidF: i think its important to have the audience 
provide feedback on current groups and future directions
18:12:33 <em-scribe> hugo-home: i think the charting of the xml activity 
should be in sync with this?
18:13:19 <em-scribe> s/activity/protocol
18:13:32 <em-scribe> s/?/.
18:13:52 <em-scribe> David: xml protocol recharter discussion point for 
XMLP section (also discuss attachements)
18:14:29 <em-scribe> David: i've asked all the other working groups to come 
up with other questions/issues as well
18:15:17 <em-scribe> Jonathan: still early from the standpoint of the WG, 
but there seems to be some issues that have been rasied from outside the 
group (literal, RPC, etc)
18:16:32 <em-scribe> David: are there any big issue looming?
18:16:40 <em-scribe> Jonathan: yes, document literals vs RPC
18:16:55 <em-scribe> Jonathan: adopt xml schema as official encoding format
18:17:19 <em-scribe> q+
18:17:40 <em-scribe> q?
18:20:17 <DavidF> DavidF has joined #ws-cg
18:20:56 <chris> q+
18:21:09 <hugo-home> q+
18:22:53 <em-scribe> ack em-scribe
18:23:09 <em-scribe> ack chris
18:24:27 <em-scribe> chris: perhaps evening asking the question 'what is a 
web service' might be a start of some of the discussions?
18:25:12 <em-scribe> chris: important to get a clear(er) understanding of 
the specifics of these and to understand ..
18:25:13 <em-scribe> q+
18:25:29 <em-scribe> chris: important to get a clear(er) understanding of 
the specifics of these and to understand different perspectives from the 
18:28:33 <chris> q+
18:31:05 <em-scribe> notes; people who be at tech plenary from ws-cg are 
johnathan, DavidF, em
18:31:10 <em-scribe> ack em-scribe
18:31:17 <em-scribe> ack chris
18:35:26 <em-scribe> DavidF: the session ... educate the boundaries of each 
of the working groups (and seed questions to the audience from each group)
18:35:59 <em-scribe> DavidF: 30-40 min total and then 20 min q&a
18:36:01 <Jonathan> plenary reg list: 
18:36:24 <em-scribe> DavidF: Jonathan, are you willing to give 10 min on 
18:37:55 <em-scribe> DavidF: re slides, i'll have 6ish slides
18:39:44 <em-scribe> q+
18:39:50 <em-scribe> q-
18:42:47 <em-scribe> Action: Chris to identify person from WS Arch group to 
18:43:48 <em-scribe> DavidF will present on XML Protocols
18:44:39 <em-scribe> so the line up looks like... 30-40 min (David on XML 
Protocol, Jonathan on WS Desc, Chris (proxy) on WS Arch) then 20 min ish Q&A
18:45:04 <em-scribe> DavidF to own slides...
18:45:17 <DavidF> DavidF has joined #ws-cg
18:50:04 <Jonathan> tech plenary agenda: 
18:54:11 <hugo-home> W3C Slidemaker: 
18:54:42 <hugo-home> ACTION: Hugo. Talk to Philippe about the panel
18:55:13 <em-scribe> suggestion is to get together at 7:30 am for breakfast
18:58:15 <chris> 
19:04:22 <Zakim> -Hugo
19:04:23 <Zakim> -Chris
19:04:24 <Zakim> -Fallside
19:04:26 <Zakim> -Marsh
19:04:39 <Zakim> -EricM
19:04:40 <Zakim> WS_WSCG()1:00PM has ended
19:04:41 <hugo-home> Zakim, excuse us
19:04:42 <Zakim> Zakim has left #ws-cg
19:04:50 <hugo-home> RRSAgent, excuse us

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