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Invitation for paper submission

From: <rdc@mitre.org>
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2004 23:14:18 -0500
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Dear Colleague,
Among the technologies that are impacting and guiding the evolution of the
World Wide Web are Web Services and the Semantic Web.  These technologies
will support the creation of complex, adaptive systems organized around the
information that they manage and exchange and the orchestration of the
services they provide. 
We are trying to organize a Web Services and Semantic Web special session at
the upcoming SCI 2004 Conference.  This conference will be held July 18 - 21
in Orlando, Florida.  Specific details on the conference may be found at the
conference web site, provided below.  
We are inviting you to summit a paper to us on this topic - Web Services and
the Semantic Web.  While you could propose a paper on either technology, of
particular interest would be papers that bridge or show convergence between
these two areas.  We must have your submission by February 12th, 2004 for
The conference organizers require that we, as proposed session chairs,
obtain a minimum of 5 papers to hold this proposed session.  If we can
obtain the required number of submissions, this special session will be
established as part of the SCI 2004 conference agenda.  Submission
information follows.
Please forward this information to people that you think may be interested
so that it gets the widest possible distribution.
Bob Cherinka and Bob Miller
(Our apologies for duplicate email)
Extended abstracts or paper drafts should be sent taking into account the
following Format:
1.	Major theme of the paper should be related to the session theme: Web
services and the Semantic Web. 
2.	Paper title. 
3.	Extended abstract of 500 to 1500 words and/or paper drafts of 2000
to 5000 words, in English. 
4.	Author(s) and/or co-author(s) with names, addresses, telephone and
fax numbers, and e-mail addresses. 
Extended abstracts or paper drafts should be sent via email to the chairs
for the proposed session:  rdc@mitre.org <mailto:rdc@mitre.org>  and
drbob@mitre.org <mailto:drbob@mitre.org> 
*	February 12th, 2004: Submission of extended abstracts (500-1500
words) or paper drafts (2000-5000 words). 
*	February 22nd, 2004: Acceptance notifications. 
*	March 31st, 2004: Submission of camera-ready papers: hard copies and
electronic versions. 
Participation of both researchers and practitioners is strongly encouraged.
Papers may be submitted on: research in science and engineering, case
studies drawn on professional practice and consulting, and position papers
based on large and rich experience gained through executive/managerial
practices and decision-making. 
Submitted papers will be sent to reviewers. Accepted papers, which should
not exceed six single-spaced typed pages, will be published by means of
paper and electronic proceedings.  Accepted papers will require that an
author (or delegate) attend the conference to present the paper.
The 8th World Multi-Conference on
SCI 2004
http://www.iiisci.org/sci2004 <http://www.iiisci.org/sci2004> ,
http://www.iiis.org/sci2004/ <http://www.iiis.org/sci2004/> 
July 18 - 21, 2004, Orlando, Florida(USA)
The Rosen Plaza Hotel, http://www.rosenplaza.com/frames1.html
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