Agenda/Logistics, Oct 2 telecon

AGENDA  Teleconference Web Ontology Working Group
Oct 2, 2003, 1200 (East US), 0900 (West US). 1700 (London)
Duration: 90 min

IRC Chat: (port 6665), #webont

Chair: Guus Schreiber
Scribe TBD

** 1.0 Roll Call and Admin

Roll Call

Approve minutes of Sept 18 telecon:
(amended as per .../0217.html - Mike Smith in attendance)

Next Call
Oct 9, 2003
Chair: Hendler
Scribe: TBD

Note: next telecon is 1 week due to events around DAML/ISWC/Ontoweb

** 2.0 RDF Core issues

Discussion of RDF Core schedule and request for WebOnt review -- see 
the (currently members only) email at:

ACTION HermanT: review RDF semantics w.r.t. OWL

ACTION Guus: ask Ian to do a 2nd review of RDF semantics

review of other documents (esp RDF Schema)


ACTION Guus: revise proposal for WebOnt WG position on RDF Core 
literal decision

** 3.0 - CR and Test Issues

3.1 - Many proposed tests now passed twice -- move to approved?

3.2 - There are two tests that have not yet been passed twice, both 
taken from the Guide.  We should (i) target getting these passed, 
(ii) create some new entailment tests.  See the thread that starts 

3.3 - Peter and Jeremy have noted some discrepancies between Test and 
S&AS, since both are normative, these need resolution.  There seems 
to be little dispute, but WG should approve any of these needing a 

3.4 - CR exit actions

ACTION: Sandro - Report reasoning status re useful subsets of OWL

ACTION JJC: add clarifying tests to OWL test repository
  re datatype mapping rules

ACTION JJC edit tests for InverseFuncProp

ACTION Guus: check ref to see if there's impact from Ontology typing

ACTION DanC: arrange for redirect (of old versions of Guide)

ACTION JJC: see if there's an answer for this in owl-tests (something 
to do with "missing AllDisjoint)

ACTION JJC: propose clarifying test (cf owl for owl msg)

ACTION Guus: see if Reference answers Brickley's owl:Class/rdfs:Class comment

** 4.0 New Document - OWL implementation Hints?

Discussion of turning Sean's document into a Working Group Note -
  Need volunteers to review

** 5.0 Outreach

ACTION Guus: see whether ontoweb can provide some support for OWL outreach

ACTION MikeD: see whether DAML can provide some support for OWL outreach

ACTION Guus: organize FAQ/guideline maintenance discussion at ISWC

ACTION Guus: solicit advice on reviewing OMG proposals from SemWeb CG

any other outreach discussion

** 6.0 AOB


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