Re: OWL Test Results page, built from RDF

> I am now getting a KeyError from the script when run on 

I wasn't properly handling the case where the tested system has no
name declared.  That should be fixed now.  (There are called anon_1,

But I think the real problem is that your data says the system is the
string "#owlp" instead of something with the URI "#owlp".  That is,
you have 
  <rtest:PassingRun rtest:system="#owlp">
instead of
    <rtest:system rdf:resource="#owlp"/>

Also, it looks like the data is claiming passes of some tests when it
should be claiming passes of rtest:syntacticLevelTestFrom those
tests.   Something more like:

    <rtest:test rdf:parseType="Resource">
      <rtest:syntacticLevelTestFrom rdf:resource=""/>
    <rtest:system rdf:resource="#owlp"/>

would do it.

     -- sandro


Received on Monday, 22 September 2003 13:03:37 UTC