mapping rule for InverseFunctionalProperty etc

This is a comment on

The mappjng rule for
ObjectProperty( ID InverseFunctional )


ID rdf:type owl:ObjectProperty . 
    [opt if one of the last three triples is included] 
ID rdf:type owl:InverseFunctionalProperty .

Does not appear to achieve the apparent desired effect.

Because while

eg:foo rdf:type owl:InverseFunctionalProperty .

is hence a legal OWL Lite ontology, the following is not

_:a rdf:type owl:Thing .
_:a eg:foo _:b .
_:b rdf:type owl:Thing .
eg:foo rdf:type owl:InverseFunctionalProperty .

Because the first three triples appear to correspond to:
Individual( value(eg:foo,individual() ) )
whose mapping includes
eg:foo rdf:type owl:ObjectProperty .


Received on Monday, 15 September 2003 09:59:51 UTC