lines too long in S&AS section 2?

This is an editorial comment on

Using Internet Explorer 5.5 I printed off this document in order to make a 
detailed comparison between the grammar and the one in the Jena 

Unfortunately about a dozen lines in the grammar rules were too long and got 
truncated in the print-out.

the rule for individual, the axiom for the 'CLass(' construction (both Lite 
and DL), the second rule for restriction, the first line of both the 
DatatypeProperty and ObjectProperty rules, th eENumeratedClass rule

(and some others, which I could detail if helpful).

I have worked around this problem by printing in landscape mode rather than 

I wonder whether changes in the whitespace in the document might be in order.
(Or perhaps including a note with the suggestion of landscape mode printing, 
for those, like me, who use software that does not correct this problem 

Apologies if this is a duplicate - I have not tracked all comments on S&AS.


Received on Monday, 15 September 2003 08:50:20 UTC