Re: browsable test results

> The folk at AIdministrator have used their software (Sesame RDF engine + 
> Spectacle portal generation software) to create an easily accessible version 
> of the OWL test-suite.

Very nice!    I might have to "borrow" some of their design.   :-)

> The portal will be auto-refreshed, so it can be used for inspecting the most 
> recent status. Can someone advise on the required refresh-frequency? Is once 
> a day enough?

In theory, one should use HTTP for asking this question.  The web
server will tell you how long we think that version will be good for,
and when you should check for a new one.  It currently says 6 hours.

Of course, after the 6 hours are up, an app can just check to see if
it's changed, rather than just rebuilding everything every time.

> It's a nice illustration of the added value there is in generating the 
> test-date in RDF form.

I wonder if they want to try incorporating test results, since those
are now also available in RDF?  Perhaps we should have a proper list
of test results....  (right now mine is just built into my makefile).   

    -- sandro

Received on Monday, 15 September 2003 06:16:31 UTC