browsable test results

The folk at AIdministrator have used their software (Sesame RDF engine + 
Spectacle portal generation software) to create an easily accessible version 
of the OWL test-suite.

They're uploading the RDF representation of the test-data into Sesame, then 
Spectacle fires SeRQL queries on that RDF to generate the portal at 

The portal allows the test-cases to be browsed along various dimensions 
(status, OWL species, creator, topic).
The portal will be auto-refreshed, so it can be used for inspecting the most 
recent status. Can someone advise on the required refresh-frequency? Is once 
a day enough?

They have done the same for RDF at

It's a nice illustration of the added value there is in generating the 
test-date in RDF form.

For more detail, see their message on rdf-interest, at


Received on Friday, 12 September 2003 03:57:25 UTC