New test editors draft extra credit tests

I have completed the action to add extra credit as a status

I have updated all the Manifests to indicate the test approvals of last night.

The text can be found in the editors draft


No decision has yet been taken, this change is awaiting approval of WG.

To illustrate I have temporarily changed the status of the following tests to 
EXTRACREDIT without working group approval: someValuesFrom-002, 
extra-credit-002, I5.26-001.

Approved extra credit tests are now normative.

Added EXTRACREDIT as a status (variant of APPROVED). Resulting new text: 

+ Section 2.2 Extra Credit Tests (all) 
+ In section 5. Testing an OWL Implementation a sentence was added at the end 
of 5.1 OWL Syntax Checkers. 
+ A paragraph was added at the end of 5.2 OWL Consistency Checkers. 
+ A new explanation of rtest:status was added to section 6. Manifest Files. 

The new text is:
2.2 Extra Credit Tests

 The Web Ontology Working Group has seen adequate implementation experience of 
most of the tests in this document. Some, however, are particularly difficult 
to implement efficiently. These are labelled as extra credit tests. Such 
tests indicate the semantics of OWL, but may use features that are not 
sufficiently widely implemented to provide good interoperability. 

A general case of extra credit tests is that all OWL Full nonentailments and 
consistency tests are extra credit tests. This is because typical OWL Full 
implementations prove entailments but cannot prove nonentailments. 

Extra credit tests are labelled with "EC" within this document and with status 
EXTRACREDIT in the manifest files. 

The name indicates that there is no expectation that any implementation will 
successfully run such tests and any that do gain extra credit. 


 An OWL syntax checker when presented with any of the test files must return 
the indicated result. **This includes the extra credit tests. **


The above constraints also apply to extra credit tests. Consistency checkers 
that return the correct answer (i.e. not Unknown) gain the extra credit. 
There are no OWL Lite extra credit tests. 

The rtest:status of the test corresponds to the process of appendix A. It is 
given as one of the following levels: 

 This indicates that the test has been approved by the Web Ontology Working 
Group, and that implementors are expected to implement such functionality. 
 This indicates that the test has been approved by the Web Ontology Working 
Group, but that implementors are not expected to implement such 
This indicates that the test is awaiting approval.
The test, which was proposed or approved, has ceased to be appropriate.
The Web Ontology Working Group rejected the test (not used).


Received on Friday, 12 September 2003 07:26:06 UTC