RE: Review of RDF Concepts Document

Review of RDF Concepts DocumentFor those of you who missed the big change
last time round (September) - the social meaning section went to the great
bit bucket in the sky.


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  I have reviewed the RDF LC2 Document "Concepts and Abstract Syntax"

  Changes since the last version were:

  IRIs     Excluded control characters from RDF URI References.     Added
note in same section, permitting implementors to read and partially act on
IRI-draft.     Added informative reference to IRI draft. NFC     Weakened
the language concerning Normal Form C from MUST to SHOULD, as agreed on 3rd
October. Appendix B.2: Editorial Revisions More NFC     Added text in
section 3.4 Literals suggesting reading Charmod

  I have reviewed these changes and believe that they are consistent with
our expectations, do not introduce issues for OWL, and add no new problems.
I therefore propose that we submit the following:

  The Web Ontology Working Group has reviewed the Concepts and Abstract
Syntax Document.  The language design is consistent with our design of OWL,
and the document is well-written.  We have no negative comments about this
document and believe it is a valuable contribution to the RDF document set.

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