Gene Ontology (sort of) and OWL

Although the Gene Ontology is still using its own format, their 
homepage [1] starts with:

The goal of the Gene Ontology  TM   (GO) Consortium is to produce a 
controlled vocabulary that can be applied to all organisms even as 
knowledge of gene and protein roles in cells is accumulating and 
changing. GO provides three structured networks of defined terms to 
describe gene product attributes. GO is one of the controlled 
vocabularies of the Open Biological Ontologies.

with the latter being a link to the Open Biological Ontologies (OBO, [2])

The Open Biological Ontologies page states that:

"The ontologies are in, or can be instantiated in, a common shared 
syntax.  This may be either the GO syntax, extensions of this syntax, 
or OWL."

So, while we are not yet directly mentioned on the GO page, we're a 
close click away

p.s. Action to report on status re: GO now DONE.

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