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At 5:41 PM +0100 10/6/03, Jeremy Carroll wrote:
>After discussion within HP ....
>HP developers are surprised that the tests from the OWL Guide are 
>not being passed by any systems.
>We are particularly concerned since the comment:
>"have long CR period for OWL, or move owl:oneOf, owl: have Value to OWL Full"
>alerted the Working Group to our fears in this area, and the reply
>The WG has been made aware of implementations of OWL DL that include
>both inverseOf and oneOf and which seem to be performing well in
>practice.  The working group will definitely consider their status
>and usability before deciding on our schedule with respect to
>Candidate Recommendation and Proposed Recommendation.
>seemed to suggest that the potential problem was under control.
>Since this seems to have been mistaken, we request that discussion 
>of the Last Call comment from Martin Merry be reopened.
>Jeremy Carroll, HP

I think we should wait to see if these get passed - I'm not yet 
convinced that these are not passable -- in discussion with my group, 
they feel the primary problem with these two problems is that they 
have so much going, not that they cannot potentially be handled -- we 
are going to look at them more closely -- to date we simply haven't 
attacked them because we've been looking at other problems which are 
easier, and we suspect that other implementors have done the same.
p.s. Even if these do prove to be too hard to prove consistent at the 
current time, I don't see how that would change the response to Merry 
-- proving things consistent is not the only reason to have OWL...

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