Re: Action: proposal for WG position on XML literal design

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PS:  The current RDF Core WG design with respect to literals is much better
than those proposed by I18N, but I have concerns with  its requirement that
all literals, XML literals included, have to have lexical forms that are in

From: Guus Schreiber <>
Subject: Action: proposal for WG position on XML literal design
Date: Thu, 02 Oct 2003 00:03:25 +0100

>  > ACTION Guus: revise proposal for WebOnt WG position
>  > on RDF Core literal decision
> Proposed:
> Position of the Web Ontology Working Group on the XML Literal design
>  From an Webont perspective there were serious problems with the LC1
> design of XML literals, as indicated by the official comments from
> Webont and the individual comments from Patel-Scheider. The new XML
> literal design, as specified in the current WDs, appears to Webont to
> be a well-motivated rational design choice in a space of conflicting
> requirements [1]. The arguments against the alternatives proposed by
> I18N are compelling (see e.g. [2]).  The current post-LC design works
> for OWL and is our preferred design in the context of the options
> currently on the table.
> [1] 
> [2]
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