Re: Request to OWL implementors

Apologies for slow response, been out of contact for a couple of days. Most 
of these tests are DL not lite and so are outside of Jena2's current 
coverage. Results on the remainder are:

Thing-003                Pass
description-logic-668    Incomplete


Jeremy Carroll wrote:

> (Addressed to, I hope, all implementors who have reported test results)
> Thanks for your earlier reports concerning the OWL Test Cases.
> We are now wrapping up the test results before, hopefully, moving OWL to 
> Proposed Recommendation.
> A few tests have been added or changed, and we do not yet have enough 
> reports to support approving them. Please can you run your systems 
> against these tests and report back.
> Options for reporting back include:
> 1) running the whole test suite and updating your test results, which 
> will then be picked up automatically.
> 2) running just these tests and reporting by e-mail with 
> Pass/Fail/Incomplete ... E-mail can either be in response to this 
> message (on the webont list or to
> (1 is preferred)
> The new and modified tests which we would like you to consider are:
>   Thing-003
>   Thing-005
>   description-logic-208
>   description-logic-209
>   description-logic-668
>   miscellaneous-010
>   miscellaneous-011
> further we were surprised at the lack of results for the following 
> tests, may be running your system with a larger timeout or similar may 
> resolve these ones:
>   description-logic-666
>   description-logic-905
>   description-logic-909
> (If you succeed on either of the last two, you could try 906, 910 and 
> 907. All of them require implementation of finiteness. The textual 
> description of 907 is erroneous, and will be fixed next week some time)
> It would be most helpful if you can report back by Wednesday 26th Nov, 
> so that we can ask the Working Group to approve these tests on Thursday.
> thank you
> Jeremy Carroll on behalf of Test subgroup of WebOnt WG

Received on Wednesday, 26 November 2003 09:52:38 UTC