Further test updates

I've just made the following updates

+ updated manifests with approvals
   (except I forgot dl-502 as EXTRACREDIT,
    that will have to wait til tomorrow)
+ added AnnotationProperty-004
   showing AnnotationProperty's cannot have a range in DL
+ added imports-014
   showing a possible mismatch in URL used in the xml:base of the imported 
document, and the owl:imports of the importing document
   (the former was from largely off-list discussion with Sean, the latter 
from an on-list request of a few weeks back)

Further document changes still needed:
-  update change log for recent changes
-  suppress some error messages etc.

I am not expecting to add any more tests before PR

It looks like AnnotationProperty-003 is the only candidate for being 
approved tomorrow, on the basis of passes


Received on Wednesday, 19 November 2003 15:20:35 UTC