Re: Reminder - telecon to discuss test cases - tomorrow 11/20

 > Agenda for TEST subgroup meeting
 > 6: Test with 1 pass
 > overview and discussion
 > - hard dl tests
 > dl-666
 > dl-668

I want to share the experience we had with our reasoner Pellet on these 
test cases (dl-66x in general). Pellet cannot pass these test cases 
right now. The ontologies in these test cases were originally OWL DL and 
then a script converted the files to OWL Lite in a way that makes 
reasoning really very hard for us (There are too many GCI's that we 
cannot absorb). Since OWL Lite does not have complementOf, the script 
creates two restrictions to define complement relation. Knowing how the 
script worked, I've written another script that does the reverse 
transformation. For example, the following description

Class(a:C10 complete restriction(b:P.16 maxCardinality(0)))
Class(a:C10.comp complete restriction(b:P.16 minCardinality(1)))

is converted back to something like this

Class(a:C10.comp complementOf(a:c10))

After this transformation, these test cases become trivial for Pellet. 
We still don't report success for these test cases but we know that we 
can pass any dl-66x test after this transformation and believe they are 
all ok. I thought this information would help the discussion about these 
test cases.


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Received on Thursday, 20 November 2003 15:56:54 UTC