RE: Proposed tests and PR

> I suspect the latter is unlikely given
> the fact we have so many implementations moving successfully, but it
> is possible.

I agree, our CR *feels* very successful.

>   The problem is timing -- we don't have a meeting scheduled for the
> 20th and the 27th is Thanksgiving, a major US holiday.   Next
> scheduled meeting after that is Dec 11, which seems like an awfully
> long time to wait.

That makes sense.

>   I therefore would propose we have a special meeting on Nov 20 for
> the test editor and any WG members who feel strongly about the tests.

Could this meeting be empowered to approve and reject tests?

>   Seems to me the only problem with moving on is if there are any
> tests that someone thinks must be passed to move to PR.  Since we've
> had many weeks since we moved to PR and no one had proposed this, I
> wasn't worrying about it.  Let me now ask that anyone who thinks
> there is such a problem - please let me know

I am heartened by seeing only a handful of totally unpassed tests, (I guess
the tests already in the extracredit section are excluded) ... I've not done
the analysis - I guess there are places where our implementations are weak -
I would sure like to see Racer results, since I am hoping that at least some
of the unpassed tests are covered by them.

give me a day or two to hear from HP colleagues ... "against" seems


Received on Monday, 10 November 2003 11:35:50 UTC