Re: Proposed tests and PR

Jeremy. while it would be too bad to have to move over an HP 
objection, I don't think it will come to that.  The extremely clever 
way you defined the test set makes this possible -- basically, I 
think we could vote to move the other 5 documents to PR, could vote 
that the text of the Test document is ready, and make a vote to move 
test to PR provisional on the agreement of the editors that the test 
set is ready.  We could then do what you suggest below (for all the 
tests nothing has passed) - approve, move to extra credit, reject or 
decide to reopen the vote.  I suspect the latter is unlikely given 
the fact we have so many implementations moving successfully, but it 
is possible.
  The problem is timing -- we don't have a meeting scheduled for the 
20th and the 27th is Thanksgiving, a major US holiday.   Next 
scheduled meeting after that is Dec 11, which seems like an awfully 
long time to wait.
  I therefore would propose we have a special meeting on Nov 20 for 
the test editor and any WG members who feel strongly about the tests.

  Seems to me the only problem with moving on is if there are any 
tests that someone thinks must be passed to move to PR.  Since we've 
had many weeks since we moved to PR and no one had proposed this, I 
wasn't worrying about it.  Let me now ask that anyone who thinks 
there is such a problem - please let me know

At 11:22 +0100 11/10/03, Jeremy Carroll wrote:
>(Always the party pooper)
>There are still a number of proposed tests that have not been passed at all,
>or only by one implementation.
>(There may also be a few others that we have not yet approved)
>It seems to me that before moving to PR we should:
>For each test
>- approve it, say on the basis of one system passing
>- aprpove it as extra credit
>- reject it as inappropriate
>- decide that the test shows a feature of OWL for which we wish to see
>implementation experience
>and delay the PR vote
>I am not comfortable voting for PR before doing such analysis.
>I personally do not have time to do the analysis before Thursday.
>I will be asking my HP colleagues for their opinion, and seeing if they
>would support opposing a PR vote at this time. (That is not to suggest that
>the CR period has been anything but successful, merely that we have not yet
>dotted the i's and crossed the t's to demonstrate the success).

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