Re: expected test donations

At 17:36 +0100 11/6/03, Jeremy Carroll wrote:
>I am expecting two sets of donations in the next week or so, with additional
>tests to be included in the test suite.
>The first lot is from Bijan et al. There is the frequent request to have
>many of the OWL Full tests that are nearly in DL to be expressed in DL,
>since Pellet knows how to do the patch up in some cases, in those cases we
>will get the patched files - and I will add these as additional tests.
>The second lot is from the racer team who have some classification tests
>which they think would enhance our test suite. I expect that will need a new
>subsection in the DL tests part of the document.
>I bring these to the groups attention in that it is somewhat late in the day
>to be adding a significant number of extra tests and if this is a mistake it
>would be better to know before either team do much work towards producing
>Hopefully, we will also get a test report out of the racer team as well :)
>[This will be particularly vital *if* the tests prove too difficult for
>other systems]
>I guess we should be planning towards PR which would mean for instance, not
>adding extra tests after some date, so that we can get all our reports into

You are right we will need to freeze at some point, but actually the 
way we have both approved and proposed tests makes me less worried 
about this -- However, we should freeze things relatively soon in the 
sense that any tests not approved by then cannot guaranteed to be 
approved (i.e. at whatever time thereafter we decide to move to PR, 
we simply declare only the tests approved at that time as approved)
  I think that would keep us in good shape, but we could keep moving 
until the last minute...

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