Re: Minutes, WebOnt, 2003-05-29

I regretted
Wed, May 28 2003 Re: Agenda for telecon -- May 29 2003

In the same message my action
> RE: ACTION: Jos de Roo to propose a test based on the example given by
didn't succeed
(is about the by RDFCore requested testcase
to show the need for owl:Class).

Jos De Roo, AGFA

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IRC log:

Next Meeting: 2003-06-05, Peter to scribe.
Followed By:  2003-06-12, Charles to scribe.

====== Participants

Jeff Hefflin
Evan Wallace
Sandro Hawke (Scribing)
Jean-Francois Baget
Masahiro Hori
Dan Connolly
Nick Gibbins
Ziv Hellman
Ian Horrocks
Peter Patel-Schnieder
Jim Hendler (Chairing)
Jeremy Carroll
Pat Hayes
Charles White
Sean Bechhofer (partial, with regrets)

====== Regrets

Marwan Sabbouh
John Stanton
Ora Lassila
Yasser alSafadi
Tim Finin
Leo Orbst
Mike Smith
Deborah L. McGuinness

====== Approval of Minutes

   Evan_Wallace regrets for last meeting missed.
   Action DanC, imports test, should have been "Continued"
Approved as amended.

====== Action Items (5 gone, 9 continued, 12 new)

(This long-lines format allows the next scribe to simply paste the
whole line into IRC.  If item is then "continued" line can be
re-entered with "RE: ACTION:" changed to "ACTION:".)

= = =  Completed

RE: ACTION: Peter Patel-Schneider and Jeremy Carroll to discuss solutions
to bugs in RDF Semantics in Budapest
RE: ACTION: Jeremy Carroll to make changes to test document concerning
datatypes, as discussed

RE: ACTION: Sandro Hawke to do publishing of Test

RE: ACTION: Jeff will post proposed response

= = =  Dropped Without Completion

RE: ACTION: Peter Patel-Schneider to work on proof for issue 5.26 B1,B2
Transfered to Jeremy, as "send proof sketch..."

= = =  Continued

RE: ACTION: Jim Hendler to report back on implementation feedback.

RE: ACTION: Jim Hendler and Dan Connolly to compose a response to the LC
comment on local and compound keys.

RE: ACTION: Dan Connolly publish XML syntax

RE: ACTION: Mike Smith and Guus Schreiber will review  proposed changes to
Guide and Reference for next telecom. (in re reference)

RE: ACTION: Mike Smith will pdate issue list 5.06  (in re: imports closure)

RE: ACTION: Mike Smith to update issue list 5.20 about synonyms with the
specific problem of owl:Class vs rdfs:Class

RE: ACTION: Jos de Roo to propose a test based on the example given by

RE: ACTION: Guus to propose a definition for "class description".

RE: ACTION: Mike Smith to update the Guide glossary accordingly (possibly
removing "class expression").

= = =  New

RE: ACTION: DanC to get I18N WG review of last call specs, continued from
~17 years back 1/2;-)

RE: ACTION: Jeremy add test: {a,b} unionOf {a} {b}

RE: ACTION: Peter Change the documents to reflect this #2 in 116 change

RE: ACTION: Jeremy Send proof sketch of extension to correspondence theorem
with B1

RE: ACTION: Peter review proof sketch of correspondence with B1 B2

RE: ACTION: Jeremy equivalentClass with 4 components and no hamiltonian

RE: ACTION: Peter put  #349(D) change into S&AS

RE: ACTION: Jeremy to propose response to
owlsas-rdfcore-bnodes-restrictions, including new issue and proposal to

RE: ACTION: DanC and Jeremy to review Sean's text for non-normative
inclusion into some OWL document

RE: ACTION: DanC to bring up QA review of OWL Semantics with WG

RE: ACTION: PatH to follow-up to

RE: ACTION: JimH to prepare definitive list of LC issues for next telecon

====== Agendum: Review of "Beer conversation decisions"

As planned, Jeremy and Peter met in Budapest to try to work through various
issues.  They were generally successful.  Jeremy wrote this up, with
proposals for action:

Jeremy presented the issues, following his e-mail.

A) intersectionOf semantics

       Jeremy sketched a test case: one of (John, Mary),
                                    one of (John),
                                              one of (Mary);
       -> bigger class is union of two smaller classes
       but that doesn't follow under OWL Full right now.

       RESOLVED WITHOUT OBJECTION: Accept solution #2 sketeched in
       to change the semantics of intersectionOf and related

       (actions on Jeremy and Peter noted above)

B) B1, B2 in OWL DL Syntax

       Agreement that this was already agreed to by WG.

C) rdf:List decision by RDF Core

       Some discussion over whether syntax checking becomes harder if
       no type-triples on bNodes are present in the graph.  Jeremy and
       Sean (who have built such things) say it shouldn't be a

       Actual group decision awaits proof from Jeremy & review from
       Peter, but sense is that dropping type-triples on bNodes is

       Ian asks if this stretches to cover all RDF(S?) entailment;
       answer is "no".  This will be very clear if Sean's
       non-normative text on finding the OWL in any RDF graph is
       included somewhere (see below).

D) OWL DL syntax NP complete

       RESOLVED WITHOUT OBJECTION: to change the mapping rule as
       proposed in 349(D).

       Actions on Peter and Jeremy, noted above, as usual.

E) unnamed individuals

       An issue here should be raised so we can vote whether to
       postpone it.  (ACTION Jeremy.)

F) ambiguity

       Peter to draft reply, encouraged to make editorial changes
       which reduce confusion here.

G) OntologyProperty

       Two options here: fix a bug in OntologyProperty or just remove
       it entirely.  Is it a useful subProperty of AnnotationProperty?

       RESOLVED WITHOUT OBJECTION (Connolly and Hayes abstaining): do
       349(G) "peter and I [Jeremy] propose that we add an
       ontologyproperty directive which mirrors the annotationproperty
       directive in the abstract syntax, with appropriate mapping

====== Sean's Text

JimH: Sean has proposed backwards mapping....
DanC: which doc would it end up in?
JimH: Reference, as appendix, would be my guess.

ACTION DanC and Jeremy to review it (details above)

====== DanC runs through LC comments

Dan used

to quickly look at open issues.  List archives were not working
properly and many people could not follow, including scribe.

Some scribles

Action on PatH to follow up on one item (details in action list
above), and on JimH to draft definitive list of next meeting.

DanC: If you close issues before the end of the month, the issue
tracking software works better!

====== Adjourn.

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